Our Founder

During her studies as a psychology student, Amelia discovered a passion for child language acquisition and development.  Relocating from England, Amelia arrived in Hong Kong to work at a local Kindergarten in Kowloon Tong.

With five years of diverse educational experience under her belt, Amelia recognised a desire to create customised content for her students addressing the common pitfalls her students faced. Working in the education industry in both England and Hong Kong encouraged Amelia's creativity in the form of curriculum design. She draws upon her work as a teacher, a degree in psychology, and hands-on experience with children to hand design student workbooks.  

Our Mission

Amelia’s Darlings are on a mission to provide educational materials and bespoke, private tuition to those interested in developing their English speaking abilities and wishing to study real-world topics. The team at Amelia's Darlings research and source the most inspiring and enjoyable teaching materials for students, ensuring that they develop our passion for education. As a Hong Kong based company, we currently offer tuition to students in Hong Kong and provide educational materials to students around the globe.

Our Vision

The team at Amelia's Darlings envision a future where those studying English learn in a positive, inspiring, and dynamic environment. Through time, experience, observation, and bespoke educational materials we aim to help students nurture a love of learning. Students of Amelia's Darlings will learn by using thoroughly researched, contemporary, educational materials enabling them to gain real-world skills, values, and beliefs.

Sustainable Education

As educators, we are creating new, often single-use materials, all the time. Amelia's Darlings are passionate about supporting, utilising, and learning from sustainable charities and organisations. For this reason, Amelia's Darlings engage with eco-friendly, sustainable, and conservationist organisations to keep students up-to-date with real-world situations and important movements.  

Amelia's Darlings workbooks are all printed on recycled paper and use eco-friendly ink. Some workbooks are also offered in a digital form and can be completed on your laptop or iPad.

By purchasing one of our workbooks you are educating your child on living a sustainable and considerate life as well as donating money to charities!

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Central, Hong Kong.