Chinese New Year Workbook

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Chinese New Year Workbook


Add a little bit of happiness this Chinese New Year with a holiday workbook designed and created by me! (A Hong Kong teacher and tutor).

The workbook includes over 25 pages of activities all introduced in English.

And, so that parents can follow the progress of their little darlings, the workbook includes directions to an app where parents and students document progress, receive feedback, and offer comments and collaboration for the author (your darling)! To enjoy continued interaction please see p.1 of the workbook and follow the instructions to the app.

Once I have checked your order and received your child’s name you will receive a special code which you can use to interact with the author.

Suitable for students aged 5-8.

Happy shopping! I can’t wait to hear from you (on the app)!


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Workbook includes over 25 pages of activities and answers.

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