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To be a student of Amelia's Darlings is a unique experience where students get the chance to enjoy a whole wealth of carefully sourced children's books, access to a free book club, and English tuition tailored to their exact needs. As an added extra, tuition students are the first to hear about future topics and workbooks.

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“Sandy really enjoyed her year at Keen Mind in Miss Amelia’s class. Her teaching style was fun and engaging and Sandy bonded instantly. She still messages and enjoys having a British pen pal.

We also LOVE Amelia’s book club. It is such an awesome event. Miss Amelia is really dedicated and the kids enjoy listening to stories, reading books, and discussing their favourites. It’s so much fun being a book clubber!” - Iris Wu



“Amelia was referred to us after Jay plateaued at his learning centre; a lack of tailored attention was leading him to erect walls to learning English. From the first lesson with Amelia, Jay was keen to start speaking English again. He responded well to her fair and firm communication rules and thrived when she empowered him to take agency of the order of the day’s lessons. He especially loved it when she incorporated origami into lessons (he’s a budding artist).

Jay loves to laugh. It made us very happy to hear laughter return to the classroom with Amelia” - May Ho

“I’m a mother of two very intelligent boys (4 and 6) who prefer active over ‘boring’ lessons. Amelia’s hands-on approach kept my boys engaged and progressing. They never got bored, even in their three-hour classes! And, they love her materials: fun, colourful, perfectly suited for each age.

I was amazed at the progress both boys made whilst working with Amelia. When she started, the youngest (3 at the time) couldn’t write his letters, within a couple of months he was writing four letter words!” - Mrs Kung